We can save more lamp posts but need your votes!

Did you know that Reading has over 300 old cast iron lamp posts, many of which date from the Victorian era and were manufactured in our town?

With the advent of LED lighting around town, these old lamp posts are under threat – without your support they could all be scrapped and replaced with anonymous-looking plain modern steel columns.

These old lamp posts aren’t automatically rendered obsolete by LED technology. Many of them originally supported old-fashioned gas lamps and were converted to electricity during the 20th century by adding a swan neck bracket – and they can all be converted to take LED lighting.

LATEST NEWS – Some lamp posts saved, we’re still campaigning for more!

The council has done its surveys into the condition of all the old cast iron lamp posts in Reading, and has found that nearly all of them are probably structurally sound enough to keep. A few have been found to lean too much, and experience is that these tend to break when straightened so will have to be replaced, but most columns are fine for many more years.

Nearly all the 180 or so reproduction lamp posts with an access door will be kept (so good news for areas like Peppard Road, the Micklands area of Caversham and most of the remaining lamp posts in south Reading). These will be given a new swan neck and lantern and repainted. However, the older columns (the fluted design) are more expensive to refurbish as they need a separate bollard for the isolator circuit. The current offer is to keep 20 out of about 110 of this type – we are working with the council to reduce the refurbishment cost and find more sources of funding so we can keep more of these. More news as we hear it 🙂

Reading’s old lamp posts are a valuable part of our heritage – take a look at our map to see if there are any near you and show your local lamp post some love!